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ImmersionRC 5.8GHz Circular Polarized spiroNet Antenna

ImmersionRC 5.8GHz Circular Polarized spiroNet Antenna
ImmersionRC 5.8GHz Circular Polarized spiroNet Antenna

Hot of the press, literally, the ImmersionRC Circularly Polarized SpiroNet antennas are without doubt the best replacement available for your stock whip antennas. Manufactured to extremely high tolerances and 100% tested on a Rhode & Schwartz analyzer, these antennas yield unparalleled results when compared to hand made variants or DIY antennas.

Right-hand circular polarization or (RHCP) have well and truly been established as the antenna of choice for 5.8GHz FPV use and now you can enjoy the benefits without the head scratching involved in making them yourself. The Antennas include standard SMA adapters suited to Fatshark and ImmerssionRC Goggles and transmitters. The Hard case enclosure will ensure that your antennas are never damaged or bent out of shape while handling or after a ruff landing while the flexible cable ensures easy positioning for optimum performance. The flexible cable can be bent at a 90deg angle and will retain its shape making it ideal for goggles with horizontal SMA outputs.

Clover (TX) weight: 7.7g
Skew (RX) Weight: 8.6g
Connector: SMA (Fatshark/ImmersionRC compatible)
Case size: 33.5m(w) 16mm(h)
Cable Length: 73mm(skew) 33.5mm(clover)

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  • FatShark Dominator 5.8ghz Module.

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  • FatShark Dominator 3rd Generation modular FPV System

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  • ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz Audio/Video Transmitter - FatShark compatible (600mw)

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Total of 177 discussions.
otep78  8 points - 1/10/2014
 ICU812 17 points
8#====> ~
tony  230 points - 1/8/2014
Is it me or the web page that I could not find the "Order" button to make a purchase!
 essadik gx 76 points
when the product is backorder you will not find that button
 tony 230 points
I just received a notice of "item in stock" and tried to place an order!
Man, they are gone so quickly?
tony  230 points - 12/3/2013
I purchased a pair of these and they worked out well on my Fatshark 250 mw tx/rx!
I consistantly get 2 miles of solid video in my area without much difficulties.
I did compare these with other cheaper antenna and I can tell you I prefer these over the others at any time!
 XRayMike 109 points
I recommend writing this in the review section, not discussion section
 tony 230 points
I'd call this section "feedback" and no one can tell me what NOT to say(good or bad) about what I felt about the product!
 XRayMike 109 points
True, I think feedback or Q&A is a better name for this topic. And FYI, I recommended you to write it in a review, I didn't 'tell' you to do so. I must mention that I have the same experience out of my antennae.
 robert 155 points
Your both WRONG! This is the discussions section. Ha ps.. dont forget to give credit for right answer about this "discussion". lol
brad4rsa  11 points - 11/26/2013
Silly Question. One is slightly longer than the other. Does it matter which one is transmitting and which one is best for receiving? If so which one?
 Richtofen 1292 points
Short one is a cloverleaf, with three lobes, for the transmitter. Long one is a skew planar, with four lobes, for the receiver.
Aaron  14 points - 11/5/2013
so which antenna is better for longer range?the 12dbi 5.8ghz antenna or this one?
 MADHAK 10 points
this one id omni directional, which mean it will give you same distance in all direction, dBi are directivity index, higher the dBi the further you can go but in a narrower direction.
 XRayMike 109 points
... however, it also depends on output power (but much less).. If the 12dBi antenna is also circularly polarized, I'd say go for it (receiver's end, that is). if it's linearly polarized, be careful: Interference is dangerous on the 5.8ghz band, and circular polarization bypasses a great deal of this problem
 Sunil Delhi 17 points
Spironet antenna is RHCP where as you are mentioning 12 dbi 5.8 ghz patch antenna. Please be informed that there is 3 dbi loss if you use CP antenna with linear polarised antenna. For getting maximum range of spironet antenna (at TX end) which is RHCP, you should go for RHCP patch antenna at the receiver end.
 Mespilus 11 points
If you are using it for goggles, use a circularly polarized antenna. What if you aren't pointing the right direction for a directional antenna? You'll have goggles on, and you won't be able to always get the direction correct.
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I bought this set else where i fly with this without anny problems
the antenna can be set at the disired angle you want i do about 800 mtrs with this set i diddent go further reccomend cheaper then else where

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I got these, from an other Vendor as HK did not have them stocked at the moment of my purchase. I use a converter to screw them on my HK 200mW 5.8GHz set. My current record is about 1.9km at 100m height. My video was very bad at that distance/height. So flying higher will result in a even better range.

These out performe all my home made CP antenna's.

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My setup is an EasyStar II w/ailerons fitted, a 600mW Immersion RC Tx, Predator goggles with built in Rx. For the radio I'm using Frsky DFT, D8RII-Plus and FLD-02 screen with my Futaba T9CP. With this basic and easy to use setup and the new Immersion RC clover antennae I got out to 1.2km, 350Km height or so with little video distortion. Some times I loose the video signal which may partly be due to my head so I wish the storks could have been longer. They do bend and hold the position well. The Frsky telemetry receivers are nice since they give a RSSI warning beap when the signal drops below a preset level. I use an AKR D to record to SDHC cards. My next step is an antennae tracking system and I may invest in a UHF system eventually but I'm going to try and see how far I can take the FrSky setup first, initially by getting or making some dipole aerials. If you are looking for a save and legal setup the above is a good start. This has been my 7th FPV flight, I'm still a newbie. These antennae are good value I paid double for my previous set which are comparable.

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nice plug-and play for your Fatsharks

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Overall Rating
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Mám sadu FatShark tedy pøijímaè integrovaný v brýlích a 100,500mW vysílaè.
Po nìkolika neúspìších s výrobou vlastních antén, jsem FPV odložil, protože s klasickýma anténama to nebylo ono, obraz vypadával, neustálé rušení, pruhy a šmouhy pøes obraz nebo odstínìní antény køídlem.
Když jsem antény uvidìl tak jsem neváhal a objednal je.
Dnes jsem testoval.
Výsledek je opravdu bezvadný.
Dosah se zvýšíl o 30pcnt ale co je dùležitìjší není tam žádné rušení a nemusím se bát pohnout hlavou abych nestratil obraz.
Testoval jsem to na Hexe a opravdu paráda...
Tohle by mìly dávat jako sériové antény, s nìjakým poøádným TX/RX to bude makat urèitì ještì lépe.
Takže urèitì doporuèuju tìm co chtejí mít super obraz do 200-300m na 100mw bez smìrových antén

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